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Combo DEYE 8.2 Installed

Combo DEYE 8.2 Installed

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1x 8kW Deye Inverter

2x 7.68kW Volta Battery

Installation and COC

Volta Battery - battery communication information sheet

Volta Battery 5-14kW - data sheet

Deye 8kW - datasheet

Deye 5-25kW - datasheet

Warrantee information sheet

Deye Inverter 8kW + Volta Battery 7.6kW X2 + Installation and Coc.

Discover the Deye 8kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter and Volta Stage 2 7.68kW Lithium Ion Battery Combo..

Are you ready to embark on your solar energy journey? The Deye 8kW Inverter and Volta Stage 2 7.68kW Lithium Ion Battery Combo is here to simplify your transition, Let's break down their features for you:

Deye 8kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter:

What's Included:

  • Stay Connected: The Deye inverter includes a WIFI Dongle and Current Transformer, ensuring you can monitor its operations remotely.
  • Maximum Power Utilization: With an impressive efficiency rating of 97.6%, it maximizes the use of generated energy.
  • Smart Energy Collection: Equipped with 2 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs), it optimizes energy collection from your solar panels.
  • Easy Communication: The Deye inverter features RS485 and CAN ports, facilitating seamless communication with other devices.
  • Home Energy Priority: It prioritizes powering your home, reducing excess energy sent back to the grid.
  • Weather-Resistant: Built with an IP65 rating, the Deye inverter can withstand dust and water splashes.
  • Versatile Power: Whether connecting to a generator or operating in various modes like Grid-Tied, Hybrid, or Off-Grid, it offers flexibility.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The touchscreen interface ensures effortless adjustments and monitoring.


  • Diverse Powering: Ideal for homes, workshops, or any location in need of efficient energy.
  • Upgrade Your System: Seamlessly transition your existing solar setup into a hybrid system with the Deye inverter.

Safety Guidelines for the Deye 8kW Inverter:

  1. Professional Installation: Always enlist the help of a qualified professional for installation.
  2. Proper Placement: Ensure the inverter is installed in a dry, clutter-free environment. Refer to the user manual for safety instructions.

Warranty Simplified:

  • Deye Inverter Alone: Covered by a robust 5-year warranty.
  • Volta Batteries Alone: Enjoy an extended 10-year warranty.
  • Combo Perks: When you pair the Deye inverter with Volta batteries as part of a combo, the inverter's warranty extends to an impressive 10 years!

Volta Stage 2 7.68kW Lithium Ion Battery:

Product Description:

  • Introducing the Volta Stage 2 7.68kW Lithium Ion Battery, a powerful energy storage solution suitable for a wide range of applications, from homes to commercial settings. This reliable battery ensures a steady and efficient power supply.

Key Features:

  • High Energy Capacity: Boasting a substantial 7.68kWh capacity, it provides ample energy storage.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Incorporates advanced Lithium-Ion technology for efficient energy storage.
  • Extended Lifespan: Engineered for longevity, offering up to 6000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) at 25°C.
  • Safety Priority: Crafted with top-tier materials and safety features for peace of mind.

General Applications:

  • Residential Energy Storage: Perfect for powering homes and ensuring uninterrupted energy supply.
  • Commercial Use: Versatile enough to meet the energy needs of various commercial applications.

Product Specifications:

  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Product Model: Volta Stage 2
  • Nominal Energy: 7.68KWh
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2VDC
  • Nominal Capacity: 150Ah
  • Cell Type: LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • 1C/1C Continual Charge & Discharge
  • Standard Charge Voltage: 56VDC
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 150A
  • Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 44.8VDC
  • Maximum Parallel Units: 8
  • Design Life: Up to 6000 Cycles @ 80% DOD @ 25°C
  • Installation Options: Suitable for wall mounting and floor installation
  • Environmental Limits: Ingress Protection: IP20

The Volta Stage 2 7.68kW Lithium Ion Battery is a robust and dependable energy storage solution designed to cater to various applications, including residential and commercial use. It offers impressive energy capacity, utilizes advanced technology, and promises a long and reliable service life, ensuring a constant and secure power source.

Warranty Made Easy:

  • Just the Deye Inverter: You get a solid 5-year warranty.
  • Only Volta Batteries: These come with a long 10-year warranty.
  • Combo Deal: Buy the Deye inverter and Volta batteries together? The Deye inverter's warranty extends to 10 years. Now that’s a win-win!

OliRoss Holdings Pty(Ltd) offers a wide range of solar brands, including:

  1. Deye: Known for high-quality solar inverters, charge controllers, and monitoring solutions.

  2. Volta: Provides solar panels and energy solutions for efficient solar harnessing.

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  4. Hinaess: Specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly solar products, including panels and inverters.

  5. Astronergy: Renowned for durable and efficient solar panels.

  6. Enersol: Focuses on solar water heating solutions, providing hot water using solar energy.

  7. Shoto: Manufactures lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions for solar systems.

  8. Sunsynk: Provides integrated solar inverters and energy storage systems.

  9. Solax: A leading manufacturer of solar inverters and energy management systems.

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  11. Victron: Provides a wide range of solar power and energy management products, including inverters and charge controllers.

  12. Kool Energy: Specializes in solar air conditioning solutions powered by solar energy.

  13. Pylontech: A top manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems.

  14. Dyness: Produces high-quality lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions for renewable energy systems.

  15. Hubble: Known for solar mounting and racking solutions to support solar panel installations.

  16. CFE: Offers solar and renewable energy solutions, including panels and inverters for various applications.

  17. Lemoen: Specializes in eco-friendly solar lighting solutions for outdoor and garden use.

  18. RCT: Provides solar charge controllers and inverters designed for efficient solar power management.

  19. Oliter: Focuses on manufacturing solar batteries and charge controllers to enhance solar energy management.

  20. JA Solar: A reputable manufacturer of high-performance solar panels with efficiency and durability.

  21. Jinko: Offers a wide range of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules.

  22. DMEGC: Specializes in manufacturing solar inverters and photovoltaic components to enhance solar systems.

  23. Canadian Solar: A globally recognized brand known for high-quality solar panels and advanced solar technology.

These brands collectively offer a comprehensive selection of solar products, making OliRoss Holdings Pty(Ltd) a one-stop source for various solar solutions and components.

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