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Combo FOX 6 solar installed

Combo FOX 6 solar installed

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1x 6kW FoxESS Inverter

2x 2.45kW FoxESS mira Battery

1x FoxESS mira BMS module

6x Jinko 555W solar panels

Installation and COC

Introducing the (COMBO FOX 6 solar installed): Fox 6kW Inverter, 2.45kW Fox Mira Battery x2, Fox Mira BMS Module, 6 Jinko 555W Solar Panels, Installation, and COC

Product Overview: The (COMBO FOX 6 solar installed) is an all-inclusive solar energy solution tailored to meet your energy needs efficiently and reliably. This package includes a Fox 6kW Inverter, two 2.45kW Fox Mira Batteries, a Fox Mira BMS Module, six Jinko 555W Solar Panels, professional installation, and a Certificate of Compliance (COC). This ensures you receive a top-quality, safe, and reliable power system.

Key Features of the Fox 6kW Inverter:

  • High Efficiency: Converts solar energy with minimal loss, providing maximum power output.
  • Hybrid Functionality: Integrates solar, battery, and grid power for versatile energy management.
  • Smart Technology: Advanced features for monitoring and optimizing energy use.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple controls and monitoring display.

Fox Mira Batteries:

  • Capacity: Each battery has a capacity of 2.45kW, providing a total of 4.9kW.
  • Lithium-Ion Technology: Ensures efficient energy storage and a long lifespan.
  • Scalable: Easily expandable to meet your growing energy needs.

Fox Mira BMS Module:

  • Intelligent Management: Optimizes battery performance and ensures safety.
  • Seamless Integration: Works perfectly with the Fox 6kW Inverter and Mira Batteries.

Jinko 555W Solar Panels:

  • High Efficiency: Each panel delivers 555W of power, maximizing solar energy capture.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure long-term performance.
  • Reliable Brand: Jinko is known for its high-quality and efficient solar panels.

Installation and COC:

  • Professional Installation: Expert installation by qualified technicians ensures optimal performance.
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC): Guarantees that your system meets all regulatory standards for safety and performance.

Basic Safety Rules for Installation and Operation:

  • Certified Installation: Ensure installation is performed by a qualified technician.
  • Follow Guidelines: Adhere to all manufacturer instructions for installation and use.
  • Regular Maintenance: Periodically check the system for optimal performance.
  • Safety Precautions: Always disconnect power before maintenance or repairs.

General Applications: The (COMBO FOX 6 solar installed) is ideal for:

  • Residential Use: Providing reliable power for homes and reducing dependency on the grid.
  • Small Businesses: Supporting energy needs for offices, shops, and other commercial establishments.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Enhancing the efficiency and reliability of solar energy setups.

Product Specifications:

  • Fox 6kW Inverter:

    • Power Output: 6kW
    • Hybrid Functionality: Solar, battery, and grid power integration
    • Efficiency: High efficiency with smart energy management
  • Fox Mira Battery:

    • Capacity: 2.45kW per battery, total 4.9kW
    • Technology: Lithium-Ion
    • Expandability: Scalable system
  • Fox Mira BMS Module:

    • Function: Intelligent battery management
    • Compatibility: Integrates with Fox 6kW Inverter and Mira Batteries
  • Jinko 555W Solar Panels:

    • Power Output: 555W per panel, total 3.33kW
    • Durability: Built to last with robust construction
    • Efficiency: High-efficiency panels

Why Choose Fox and Jinko? Fox and Jinko are renowned for their innovative and reliable energy solutions. The (COMBO FOX 6 solar installed) combines the best of both brands, ensuring efficient and dependable power management. This system is designed to work seamlessly together, providing a comprehensive solution for your energy needs.

Benefits to Buyers:

  • Reliable Power Supply: Ensures continuous energy availability for your home or business.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces energy costs by optimizing energy use and storage.
  • Flexibility: Hybrid functionality allows for the integration of multiple energy sources.
  • High Performance: Advanced technology maximizes energy efficiency.
  • Scalability: Easily expandable to meet increasing energy demands.
  • Peace of Mind: Professional installation and COC ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

Invest in the (COMBO FOX 6 solar installed): Fox 6kW Inverter, 2.45kW Fox Mira Battery x2, Fox Mira BMS Module, 6 Jinko 555W Solar Panels, Installation, and COC to enjoy a reliable, efficient, and future-proof energy solution.

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