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Deye 12kW Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

Deye 12kW Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

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Deye 12kW Three Phase Hybrid Inverter - User Manual

Features of the Deye Inverter:

  1. Stay Digitally Connected: With its built-in WIFI dongle, the Deye inverter lets you monitor its activities no matter where you are.
  2. Peak Efficiency: A stellar efficiency of 97.6% ensures that the Deye inverter uses almost all the energy it gets from your solar panels.
  3. Master of Power Management: The Deye inverter boasts 2 MPPTs, making sure it extracts the most from your solar panels, irrespective of their placement.
  4. Always In Touch: With RS485/CAN ports, the Deye inverter is always ready to communicate with other devices in your setup.
  5. Prioritizing Your Needs: The Deye inverter always serves your home's power needs first before sending any excess power back to the grid.
  6. Built to Last: Come rain or dust storm, the Deye inverter's IP65 rating ensures it remains protected.
  7. Flexible Battery Pairing: Whether it's PYLONTECH, LG, or BYD batteries, the Deye inverter is ready to work in harmony with them.
  8. Tailored Power Output: This Deye inverter is flexible, offering outputs perfect for three-phase systems with 230V/400V AC.
  9. Safety Isn’t Just a Word: The Deye inverter ensures your setup is protected with rapid shutdown controls, arc fault detection, and even protection against lightning.
  10. Versatility in Modes: Grid-tied, off-grid, or somewhere in between, the Deye inverter is adaptable to your needs.
  11. Almost Instant Backup: If the grid fails, the Deye inverter's UPS kicks in swiftly, in under 5ms.
  12. Touch the Future: The Deye inverter makes interaction easy with its intuitive touchscreen interface.

Safety Tips for the Deye 16KW Inverter:

  1. Always disconnect the power supply before starting any installation or servicing.
  2. The Deye inverter needs a spot that’s well-ventilated and shielded from direct sun and rain.
  3. Never attempt to open the Deye inverter – there’s nothing inside for users to fiddle with.
  4. Installation and upkeep should be left to professionals familiar with the Deye inverter.
  5. Ensure all electrical hookups are tight and properly insulated.
  6. If the Deye inverter seems damaged, don't turn it on.

Deye Inverter Applications:

  1. Homes: Light up every corner of your house, ensuring you're never left in the dark.
  2. Businesses: Guarantee your business never stops with consistent power supply.
  3. Remote Getaways: Whether it's a cabin in the woods or a beach house, the Deye inverter makes sure you have power.
  4. Backup Power: For those essential devices that just can’t go off.
  5. Solar Farms: Maximize the efficiency of large solar setups with the Deye inverter.

Warranty Magic with Deye & Volta:

Here's a fantastic deal! On its own, the Deye inverter comes with a trusty 5-year warranty. Volta batteries? They promise a long 10-year warranty. But, when you combine the two and purchase both, the Deye inverter’s warranty also stretches to a full 10 years. So, it's not just a pairing; it's a partnership.


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