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Deye 50kW Hybrid Inverter - 3 Phase - High Voltage

Deye 50kW Hybrid Inverter - 3 Phase - High Voltage

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Deye 50kw - datasheet

The Deye 50kW Inverter: A Simplified Overview for Everyone

Considering a powerful solution for your energy needs? The Deye inverter is what you're looking for. Let's break it down into bite-sized pieces:

Battery Insights:

  • Battery Type: We're talking about efficient Li-Ion batteries here.
  • Voltage Range: Between 160VDC and 800VDC.
  • Charging & Discharging: It can charge and discharge at a rate of 50A for both its two battery inputs.
  • Compatibility: This Deye inverter adjusts itself to the battery management system (BMS).

Solar (PV) Input Details:

  • Power Input: It can handle up to 65000W from solar panels.
  • Voltage Specs: Starts up at 180VDC, but can manage up to 1000VDC. Works best between 450VDC to 850VDC.
  • Current Handling: It's designed to manage currents from multiple solar panel strings, with a max of 55A for each of its four input channels.

Power Output Details:

  • Steady Output: Consistently provides 50000W, with a max capacity of 55000W.
  • Compatibility: Works with three-phase electrical grids and even has a generator input feature.
  • Special Features: Can manage 'smart loads' up to 150A and can work with AC-coupled systems.

Working Environment:

  • Temperature Tolerance: From freezing cold (-40°C) to scorching heat (60°C).
  • Cooling System: Smart and quiet cooling (less than 45 dB).
  • Communication: It "talks" with battery management systems using RS485 / CAN channels.
  • Protection Level: Its IP65 rating means it's dust-tight and protected from water.
  • Safety Checks: It's certified by global safety standards.

Using the Deye 50kW Inverter Safely:

  • Installation: This isn’t a DIY project. Always hire a professional for installation.
  • Operation: Ensure good ventilation around the inverter. Don’t operate it with wet hands. Regularly check for any signs of wear or damage.

What’s the Warranty Deal?

  • On its own: The Deye inverter comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • Volta Batteries: These batteries offer a separate 10-year warranty.
  • Together: Buy the Deye inverter and Volta batteries as a pair? Your Deye inverter's warranty stretches to 10 years. Sweet deal, right?

So, in essence, the Deye 50kW inverter is a power-packed, safe, and reliable choice for large-scale energy needs.



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