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Hanchu 6kW Hybrid Inverter (HESS-HY-S-6K)

Hanchu 6kW Hybrid Inverter (HESS-HY-S-6K)

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Introducing the HESS-HY-S Series: Smart, Reliable, and Efficient Hybrid Inverters

The HESS-HY-S series, featuring models HESS-HY-S-3.68K, HESS-HY-S-4.0K, HESS-HY-S-5.0K, and HESS-HY-S-6.0K, offers advanced hybrid inverter solutions designed for easy installation, reliability, and intelligent energy management.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: Quick setup with basic tools and compact wall mount design
  • Outdoor Ready: IP66 rated for reliable outdoor performance
  • UPS Capability: Ensures power during blackouts with ≤10ms switch time
  • Smart Energy Management: ShadeSol shadow management for optimized PV performance
  • User-Friendly Monitoring: Online monitoring via Wi-Fi and Hanchu ESS apps
  • Flexible Connectivity: Easy integration with battery and smart meter interfaces

Technical Highlights:

  • High Efficiency: Up to 97.6% max efficiency and 99.90% MPPT efficiency
  • Dual MPPT: 2 independent trackers for flexible PV array configurations
  • Battery Compatibility: Designed for LiFePO4 batteries, including Hanchu ESS HOME-ESS-LV
  • Wide PV Input Range: 40V to 530V with 550V max input voltage
  • Powerful Battery Charging: Up to 100A charging/discharging current

Model-Specific Features:

  • HESS-HY-S-3.68K: 3680VA rated power, ideal for smaller installations
  • HESS-HY-S-4.0K: 4000VA rated power, balanced for medium-sized homes
  • HESS-HY-S-5.0K: 5000VA rated power, suitable for larger residential setups
  • HESS-HY-S-6.0K: 6000VA rated power, perfect for high-demand households

Advanced Protection:

  • Comprehensive safety features including anti-islanding, ground fault, and over-current protection
  • All-pole sensitive residual current monitoring unit
  • AC and DC disconnect devices for added safety

Smart Connectivity:

  • Multiple communication interfaces: RS485, CAN, Wi-Fi, LAN, 4G, Bluetooth
  • Compatible with BMS and meter communication
  • Integrated power control and zero export control capabilities

Environmental Adaptability:

  • Wide operating temperature range: -25°C to +60°C
  • High altitude operation: Up to 4000m (with derating above 3000m)
  • 100% humidity tolerance (non-condensing)

User-Friendly Design:

  • LED interface and mobile app for easy monitoring and control
  • Low noise operation: Only 30 dB(A)
  • Natural convection cooling for silent operation

The HESS-HY-S series offers a perfect solution for residential and small commercial applications, providing reliable, efficient, and intelligent energy management. Whether you're looking to optimize solar power usage, ensure backup power, or manage your energy consumption intelligently, the HESS-HY-S inverters deliver exceptional performance and flexibility.

Experience the future of home energy management with the HESS-HY-S series – where smart technology meets reliability to power your world efficiently and sustainably.


Hanchu 6kW Hybrid Inverter (HESS-HY-S-6K) - Datasheet

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