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Hanchu High Voltage Cabinet and BMS for (HV5.1&HV9.4)

Hanchu High Voltage Cabinet and BMS for (HV5.1&HV9.4)

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Introducing the HVES C&I Series 9.4 kWh High Voltage Battery: Powering Your Home, Empowering Your Life

The CESS-HV-9.4K is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed for commercial and industrial applications, offering unparalleled performance, safety, and smart management capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Scalable Design: Expandable from 28.2kWh to 112.8kWh (3 to 12 modules)
  • High Performance: 100A rapid charge and discharge capability
  • Maximum Efficiency: 95% Depth of Discharge for optimal energy utilization
  • Advanced Safety: Blade LFP battery with aerosol fire-protection system
  • Smart Management: 24/7 real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, and upgrades

Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal Voltage: 153.6V to 614.4V (depending on configuration)
  • Module Weight: 75Kg
  • Dimensions: 780432720mm to 7804322160mm (based on module count)
  • Temperature Range: Charging 0°C to 50°C, Discharging -20°C to 60°C
  • IP65 Rated: Superior protection against dust and water jets
  • Cycle Life: >6000 cycles at 25°C

Leading Technology:

  • Best-in-class Blade LFP battery with CTP (Cell to Pack) technology
  • Built-in heat dissipation system for long-term stability and reliability
  • Advanced smart BMS (Battery Management System) and EMS (Energy Management System)
  • Touchable displays for enhanced user interaction

Smart Features:

  • Remote energy management and optimization
  • Cloud-based service for battery preservation and diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance to extend battery life

The HVES C&I Series offers a perfect blend of performance, safety, and intelligence. Its modular design allows for flexible installation and easy scaling, while the comprehensive IoT platform provides unparalleled control over your energy usage.

Experience the future of energy storage with the HVES C&I Series – where innovation meets reliability to power your business efficiently and sustainably.


Hanchu 9.4kW HV Lithium Battery - DOD95% (HOME-ESS-HV9.4K) - Datasheet

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