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Kool Energy Mobile Trolley 1.5KW - Lithium Ion

Kool Energy Mobile Trolley 1.5KW - Lithium Ion

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Kool Energy Manual

Kool Energy Specs

Introducing the Kool Energy Mobile Trolley: Power On-the-Go, Made Easy!

When the lights go out, and you’re wondering how to keep things running, the Kool Energy mobile trolley has your back. Picture this as a backup generator - only way more portable and without the fumes!!

Here's What the Kool Energy 1.5kW Trolley Packs:

Inverter Specs:

  • Consistent Power: The Kool Energy mobile trolley can dish out a solid 1500W, producing a clean and efficient Pure Sine Wave energy form.

From the Mains:

  • Charging Up: Takes in 10A to recharge itself.
  • Voltage Range: It can work with anything from 145V to 275V.
  • Tuning In: Designed to accept a frequency between 45-65 Hz.

LifePO4 Battery:

  • Depth: Uses up to 80% of its charge before needing a recharge.
  • Lifespan: Good for about 2000 charge cycles.
  • Discharge: Can release energy at 50A...
  • Capacity: Packs 25.6V at 50AH, giving you 1280WH.

Solar Input:

  • Control: Comes with an efficient MPPT 30A controller.
  • Max Solar Power: Can harness up to 820W from the sun.
  • Voltage: Charges using solar energy between 35-100VDC.
  • Float Charging: Maintains the battery at 28.4VDC when full.

Protection & Outputs:

  • Battery Care: Kicks back in at 26.8VDC when the voltage drops and safeguards against dropping below 22.4VDC.
  • Handy Outlets: Features two USB 2.0 ports, each offering 2.4A, and two 12VDC outputs for your devices.

Safety First with the Kool Energy Mobile Trolley:

  • Expert Installation: Let a professional set it up for you.
  • Ventilation: Position your Kool Energy trolley where it can breathe.
  • Stay Dry: Keep it away from water and moisture.
  • Handle with Care: Avoid dropping or mishandling it.
  • Out of Reach: Ensure it's positioned away from children's curious hands.

Where Can You Use the Kool Energy Trolley?

  • Home Sweet Home: Keep the fridge, lights, and TV running during outages.
  • Camping Trips: Power up your campsite luxuries.
  • Outdoor Events: Great for stalls, food trucks, or mobile workstations.
  • Emergency Backup: A must-have during unexpected blackouts.

In short, the Kool Energy 1.5kW mobile trolley is not just a piece of equipment; it’s your ticket to uninterrupted power, wherever you go!


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