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Kool Energy Mobile Trolley 1KW - Lithium Ion

Kool Energy Mobile Trolley 1KW - Lithium Ion

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Kool energy 1kw mobile inverter trolley - datasheet

Meet the Kool Energy Mobile Trolley: Your Ultimate Power Backup!

Tired of sudden blackouts? Enter the Kool Energy mobile trolley - your trusty sidekick. Think of it as a portable power station, ready to support your devices when you need it the most.

Here's a Friendly Breakdown of What It Offers:

Clean Energy Output:

  • The Kool Energy trolley serves up energy in a 'Pure Sine Wave', which simply means stable and clean power ideal for any device.

Battery Strength:

  • Type: It’s packed with a cutting-edge Lithium-ion LifePO4 battery.
  • Durability: The battery has about 2000 charge cycles.
  • Life Expectancy: With proper care, it should last you a good 5 years!
  • Capacity: It holds a solid 25.6V at 50AH, translating to 1280WH.

Solar Charging:

  • Maximum Solar Power Intake: It can absorb up to 820W of solar power.
  • Efficient Charging: Thanks to its MPPT Controller, it charges super efficiently.

From the Mains:

  • Charging: It’s designed to take in 10A to recharge.
  • Voltage Compatibility: Can handle anything from 145V to 275V.

Powering Your Devices:

  • Strength: Can offer a sturdy 1000W.
  • Ports: Comes with handy USB (5V) and DC (12V) outputs.

Safety & Efficiency:

  • Cooling: Has an in-built fan that activates based on temperature, ensuring it never overheats.
  • Precautions: It's equipped with various protection features, like preventing battery overcharge.

Simple Safety Rules with the Kool Energy Mobile Trolley:

  1. Professional Installation: Even though it's portable, get a technician to set it up the first time.
  2. Give it Space: Make sure it's kept in a well-ventilated spot.
  3. Avoid Moisture: Keep it dry and away from any liquids.
  4. Hands Off: Don't attempt to open or modify it.
  5. Childproof: Keep away from young children.

Where Can the Kool Energy Trolley Shine?

  • Home: Keep your essential appliances running during outages.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Power up your camping gear.
  • Workshops & Events: Ideal for pop-up stalls or mobile workshops.
  • Emergency Situations: A lifesaver during unexpected power cuts.

In essence, the Kool Energy mobile trolley isn't just a gadget – it's a promise of uninterrupted power, whenever and wherever you need it.

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