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LuxPower 10kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter LXP

LuxPower 10kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter LXP

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LuxPower 10 KW - data sheet

 The Luxpower  10kW Inverter: A Friendly Guide

Considering a smart way to manage energy? The Luxpower inverter is here to simplify things. Let's break down its features for you:

Battery Know-how:

  • Type Compatibility: The Luxpower inverter works beautifully with both Lead-acid and Lithium batteries.
  • Voltage Range: Ideally designed for 48V batteries, but can handle anything from 40V to 60V.
  • Power Handling: The Luxpower inverter can charge or provide a robust 10,000W at currents up to 210A.

Solar Input Insights:

  • Tracker Capacity: Depending on the configuration, each solar tracker on the Luxpower inverter can manage up to 12,000W, 7,000W, or 7,000W.
  • Solar Appetite: The Luxpower inverter can handle a total of 16,000W of solar energy.
  • Voltage Details: Typically, it expects about 360V from solar panels but is adaptable between 100V and 600V. It shines best between 210V and 500V.

Everyday Electricity:

  • Stable Supply: The Luxpower inverter comfortably gives out 10,000W.
  • Voltage Consistency: A steady 240V for all your devices, adjustable between 180V and 270V as needed.

Backup Battery Power:

  • Reliability during Blackouts: The Luxpower inverter provides up to 10,000W from battery reserves.
  • Power Boosts: It can ramp up its output briefly during crucial moments: 14Kw for 10 mins, 16Kw for 5 mins, or even 20Kw for a half-second!
  • Swift Switching: If the power goes out, Luxpower jumps to battery mode in under 20ms.

Build and Connections:

  • Weather Resilience: With an IP65 rating, rain or dust, the Luxpower inverter stays strong.
  • Operating Temperatures: It remains functional between chilly -25°C and a toasty +60°C.
  • Cool Operations: An internal fan ensures it doesn't overheat.
  • Connectivity Options: Engage with the Luxpower inverter through RS485, WiFi, or CAN, offering diverse control methods.

Safety First with Luxpower:

  • Installation: Always let a pro handle the setup.
  • Location: Keep the Luxpower inverter in an airy space, away from potential fire hazards.
  • Hands Off: Resist the urge to open it; there's nothing inside you need to fiddle with.
  • Alert Mode: Any odd noises or smells? Turn it off and call a technician.
  • Kid and Pet Safe: Set up the Luxpower inverter out of their reach.

Applications Galore:

  • Homes: Power everything, from your kitchen fridge to the living room TV.
  • Workspaces: Ensure your office tech, like computers and servers, never miss a beat.
  • Agriculture: Run your farm utilities, like water pumps and barn fixtures.
  • Secluded Getaways: Ideal for off-grid cabins or retreats.
  • Blackout Backup: With Luxpower, power interruptions won't interrupt your life.

Warranty Simplified:

  • Luxpower Alone: Comes with a 5-year peace-of-mind warranty.
  • HinaESS Batteries: These batteries are protected for 2 years.
  • Together They Shine: Get both Luxpower inverter and HinaESS batteries, and the inverter's warranty extends to a full decade!

To sum it up, the Luxpower SNA 5kW inverter is a reliable, efficient, and user-centric solution for diverse energy needs.


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