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LuxPower 12kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter LXP

LuxPower 12kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter LXP

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Luxpower 12kw lxp inverter 

 Introducing the Luxpower 12kW Inverter: Your Solar Energy Buddy

Looking to harness the sun's power in a smart way? The Luxpower inverter is designed to help you do just that. Think of it as a bridge between your solar panels, battery, and your home. It ensures you're using solar energy efficiently, keeps your devices running during power cuts, and even helps you save on electricity bills.

Here's a breakdown of what the Luxpower Inverter offers:

Battery Basics:

  • Type Compatibility: Whether you've got a Lead-acid or Lithium battery, the Luxpower inverter's got your back.
  • Voltage Range: Ideally operates on 48VDC batteries but is flexible between 40VDC and 60VDC.
  • Power Handling: Can both charge and discharge at a whopping 12,000W, with a current of 250A.

Solar Input Details:

  • Max Intake: The Luxpower inverter can soak up a total of 18,000W of solar power.
  • Voltage Spectrum: It can work with solar outputs ranging from 100VDC to 600VDC. Ideally, it likes the sweet spot around 360VDC.
  • Efficiency Zone: The inverter works best when the solar voltage is between 230VDC and 500VDC.

Your Day-to-Day Power:

  • Stable Output: The Luxpower inverter promises a steady 12,000W for your daily needs.
  • Voltage Consistency: Regularly delivers 240VAC, adjustable between 180VAC and 270VAC.

Power Backups:

  • Battery to the Rescue: During blackouts, it can deliver up to 12,000W from the battery.
  • Emergency Boosts: Can ramp up its power output briefly: 14Kw for 10 mins, 16Kw for 5 mins, or even a short surge of 20Kw!
  • Switching Time: A blink and you'll miss it - switches to battery mode in less than 20ms.

Build and Durability:

  • Weather Resistance: Comes with an IP65 rating, so it's dust and splash-proof.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Functions from a frosty -25°C up to a summery +60°C.
  • Stay Cool: A built-in fan ensures the Luxpower inverter doesn't break a sweat.
  • Connect & Control: Engage with the inverter using RS485, WiFi, or CAN for a variety of control options.

Safety First! Here are some tips for the Luxpower Inverter:

  • Professional Touch: Always let a professional handle the setup.
  • Keep it Ventilated: Place the inverter in a well-ventilated area, and away from flammables.
  • No DIY: Avoid opening the inverter; there's nothing inside for you to play with.
  • Odd Signs: Smell, noise, or smoke? Turn off and call an expert.
  • Kid and Pet Safety: Position the inverter out of their curious reach.

How can you use the Luxpower Inverter?

  • Home Sweet Home: Keeps lights, refrigerators, and TVs running smoothly.
  • Offices: Ensure constant power for computers, servers, and other equipment.
  • Remote Locations: Ideal for places away from the grid.
  • Blackout Buddy: Ensures your essential devices stay on during power interruptions.

Warranty Simplified:

  • Solo LuxPower: Comes with a solid 5-year warranty.
  • Solo HinaESS Batteries: These get a 2-year cover.
  • Combo Deal: Pair up LuxPower inverter with HinaESS batteries, and the inverter's warranty doubles to 10 years. A sweet deal!

In essence, the Luxpower 12kW Inverter is your comprehensive solution for smart solar energy utilization. Whether it's sunny days or stormy nights, with Luxpower, you're always powered!

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