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LuxPower 5KW Eco Hybrid Off-Grid SNA Inverter WPV

LuxPower 5KW Eco Hybrid Off-Grid SNA Inverter WPV

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Luxpower 5kw SNA - User Manual

Luxpower 5kw SNA - Datasheet

 Introducing the Luxpower 5kW SNA Inverter: Your Solar Companion Made Simple

Ever thought about making the sun work for you but get lost in the technicalities? Enter the Luxpower inverter, designed to be your user-friendly bridge between the sun, your home, and those trusty batteries.

Here’s What the Luxpower Inverter Brings to the Table:

Everyday Power Output:

  • Consistent Power: With the Luxpower inverter, expect a solid 5000W powering your essentials.
  • Voltage: It provides a steady 230-240VAC, or a split of 220VAC/110VAC.
  • Frequency Flow: It works seamlessly at both 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • In a Hurry? Experience a surge power of 10000VA when you need that extra juice.
  • Smooth Transition: Switching power sources? It takes a mere 10ms!
  • Pure Energy: Enjoy the pure sine wave form, ensuring efficient energy for your appliances.

Battery Basics:

  • Compatible Types: The Luxpower inverter works smoothly with both Lithium and Lead-Acid batteries.
  • Standard Voltage: It typically uses 51.2VDC or 48VDC batteries.
  • Max Charge Voltage: It charges the battery up to 59VDC without a hitch.

Harnessing Solar Energy:

  • Solar Capacity: The Luxpower inverter can soak up to 3200W from each of its 2 solar trackers.
  • Voltage Specs: It expects solar energy within a range of 100VDC to 385VDC, maxing out at 480VDC.
  • Solar Input: It takes in a max of 13A from each solar source.

Connecting to the Grid:

  • Standard Voltage: It's tuned for a steady 230VAC from the grid.
  • Flexibility: It can adapt anywhere between 110VAC and 280VAC.
  • Charge Power: Can draw up to 60A when charging from the grid.
  • Tuning In: Automatically senses whether the grid is at 50Hz or 60Hz.

Built to Last:

  • Weather Readiness: With an IP20 rating, the Luxpower inverter is built for indoor settings.
  • Humidity Tolerance: Works smoothly in humidity ranging from 5% to 95%.
  • Operating Temperature: It's cool operating from 0°C up to a warm +50°C.
  • Storage Temperature: Can be stored in temperatures from -15°C to +60°C.
  • Stay Connected: With CAN, RS485, WIFI, and GPRS, you have multiple ways to interact with your Luxpower inverter.

Safety Comes First with Luxpower:

  • Professional Touch: Always let a certified expert handle the Luxpower inverter installation.
  • Ventilation Matters: Keep it in a well-aired space.
  • Hands Off: Don't try to open or tamper with the unit.
  • Be Alert: If something sounds or smells off, switch it off and consult a pro.
  • Childproof: Ensure it's positioned away from children's curious hands.

The Luxpower Inverter in Action:

  • Home Hub: From your fridge, lights to TV, the Luxpower inverter has you covered.
  • Work Space: Reliable power for your computer, printer, and other office gadgets.
  • Off-the-Grid Spots: Ideal for cabins and remote locations.
  • Backup Buddy: No more blackout blues; it steps in when the grid steps out.

Warranty Simplified:

  • Just the LuxPower: A comforting 5-year warranty.
  • Only HinaESS Batteries: They promise a 2-year commitment.
  • Pair Them Up: Combine LuxPower inverter with HinaESS batteries, and the inverter's warranty joyfully jumps to 10 years!

In essence, the Luxpower 5kW SNA Inverter is more than just a piece of tech; it’s your reliable energy buddy ensuring that every bit of sunshine counts!

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Pieter De Kock
Inverter sale

Thank you for the good desl on the Luxpower Inverter. Unit is installed and up and running !