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Luxpower 5kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter - LXP

Luxpower 5kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter - LXP

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Luxpower Inverter 5kw LXP - data sheet

 Meet the Luxpower 5kW LXP Inverter: Simplifying Solar for Everyone

Eager to harness the power of the sun but baffled by technical jargon? No worries! The Luxpower inverter is here to bridge the gap between your solar panels, batteries, and everyday appliances. It's designed to be user-friendly while ensuring you get the most out of your solar setup.

Let's Break Down the Luxpower Inverter Features:

Solar Power Specs:

  • Solar Energy Capacity: The Luxpower inverter can handle up to 8000W from your solar panels.
  • Voltage Range: It generally works best with 360VDC but can flex between 100VDC and 550VDC.
  • Start-Up Voltage: Needs just 140VDC to kickstart.
  • Solar Input Channels: Comes with 2 MPP trackers, each managing 12.5A.

Battery Details:

  • Type Compatibility: Whether you have a Lithium-ion or Lead-Acid battery, the Luxpower inverter's got you.
  • Nominal Voltage: Designed mainly for 48VDC batteries but can adjust between 40VDC to 60VDC.
  • Power Transfer: It can both absorb and release power at a strong 5000W, with a flow rate of 80A.
  • Charging Style: Follows a 3-stage curve to ensure optimum battery health.

Household Power Output:

  • Stable Electricity: The Luxpower inverter promises to consistently deliver 5000W for your home needs.
  • Voltage & Frequency: Delivers a standard 230VAC and toggles between 50Hz and 60Hz based on the appliance's need.
  • Energy Efficiency: Maintains a power factor of more than 0.99, which means it's 99% efficient in converting power.

Sturdy Build & Communication:

  • Weatherproof: With an IP65 rating, the Luxpower inverter is designed to withstand both dust and water splashes.
  • Environmentally Adaptable: Works seamlessly in any humidity and temperatures from freezing -25°C to a sunny +60°C.
  • Stay Connected: Whether it's RS485, WiFi, or CAN, the Luxpower inverter offers multiple ways to communicate and control.

Safety First with Luxpower!

  • Trust the Pros: Always get the Luxpower inverter installed by a certified professional.
  • Ventilation is Key: Position it in a spot with good airflow.
  • Hands Off: Never try to open the unit. If there's an issue, consult an expert.
  • Keep Out of Reach: Ensure it's placed where kids and pets can't access.
  • Monitor & React: If you notice unusual sounds or smells, switch off and get it checked.

How Can You Use the Luxpower Inverter?

  • Home Base: Lights, fridge, fans, TV - the Luxpower inverter powers all your home essentials.
  • Work From Home: Reliable power for computers, Wi-Fi routers, and other work essentials.
  • Power Backup: Acts as a safety net during unexpected blackouts.
  • Outdoor Retreats: Great for cabins or off-grid locations.

Warranty Made Easy:

  • LuxPower Alone: A 5-year peace of mind guarantee.
  • HinaESS Batteries Alone: They come with a 2-year warranty.
  • Bundle Up & Save: When you pair a LuxPower inverter with HinaESS batteries, the inverter's warranty jumps to 10 years. It's a win-win!

In a nutshell, the Luxpower 5kW LXP Inverter is your dependable ally in the world of solar energy, ensuring every sunray is put to good use. Whether it's bright sunny days or unexpected power cuts, with Luxpower, you're always in good hands!

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