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Perlin (wood/steel)

Perlin (wood/steel)

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M10 x 200mmL Hanger Bolt Kit for Wood Purlin (HB10x200)
Please be aware that all of our pricing include VAT.
Hook bolts Fastening kits for corrugated roofs are used for corrugated sheets (like those made of fiber cement) or trapezoidal sheet metal roofing. These kits include a unique hanger bolt with an EPDM gasket (will require an additional mounting plate). Please be aware that actual thread lengths may vary from the corresponding figures.
Three high-grade steel flange nuts (V4A) and a vulcanized EPDM gasket (UV-resistant) are included in a hanger bolt kit.
M10 x 200 mm complete hanger bolt kit

Solar Mounting and Installation Accessories

At OliRoss Solar, we provide a comprehensive range of top-quality solar mounting and installation accessories to ensure the seamless and efficient installation of your solar energy system. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of durability, reliability, and ease of installation, allowing you to harness the power of the sun with confidence.

Solar Panel Mounting Rails:

  • Rail 5.85m: Long-lasting and sturdy, these rails provide a secure foundation for your solar panels.
  • Rail 4.7m: Designed for optimal support and stability, these rails are essential for a dependable solar panel setup.

Bracket Systems:

  • IBR Bracket Aluminium Railed: Ideal for corrugated roofs, these brackets offer a reliable solution for solar panel attachment.
  • IBR Bracket Aluminium, Railless: For a sleek and rail-free installation, these brackets are the perfect choice.
  • Corrugated Bracket Aluminium, Railed: Ensure a secure and stable solar panel installation on corrugated roofs with these brackets.
  • Corrugated Bracket Aluminium, Railless: For a clean and rail-free look on corrugated roofs, these brackets are the way to go.
  • Fix Lok Bracket Aluminium, Railed: These brackets provide a strong and dependable foundation for your solar panels.
  • Fix Lok Bracket Aluminium, Railless: Achieve a minimalist appearance without compromising on strength with these railless brackets.
  • Tile Hook Bracket Hot Dip Galv Steel: Designed for tiled roofs, these brackets offer vertical sweep and eco options.
  • Rib Surface Bracket Aluminium, Railless: A reliable choice for ribbed surface roofs, these brackets offer a rail-free solution.

Additional Accessories:

  • Hangerbolt incl. Gasket + L-bracket: Ensure a secure installation with stainless steel components for wood.
  • Self Drilling Tek Screw: Reliable and efficient screws for solar panel attachment.
  • Bolt Hexagon Stainless Steel: High-quality stainless steel bolts for various applications.
  • Hex Flange Nut Stainless Steel: Durable stainless steel nuts for secure fastening.
  • L-Bracket Aluminium Slotted: Versatile slotted brackets for solar panel support.
  • Extension Aluminium, Rail Profile 40: Customize your solar panel setup with these rail extensions.
  • End Clamp Aluminium, Click Fix: Securely fasten solar panels with easy-to-use aluminum clamps.
  • Mid Clamp Aluminium, Click Fix: Maintain proper spacing and support between solar panels with these clamps.
  • Frame Cable Clamp Stainless Steel 316: Coming soon! Premium cable clamps for added cable management.

At OliRoss Solar, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality products and exceptional customer service. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, our solar mounting and installation accessories will help you harness the sun's energy efficiently and sustainably.

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