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SRNE 3.3kW S60A Off Grid Inverter 24V Single Phase

SRNE 3.3kW S60A Off Grid Inverter 24V Single Phase

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SRNE 3.3kW S60 Off Grid Inverter 24V Single Phase - Datasheet

SRNE 3.3kW S60 Off Grid Inverter 24V Single Phase - User Manual

Introducing the SRNE 3.3kw Inverter: Power Made Simple

Wondering what the SRNE 3.3kw inverter brings to your home or office? Let's break it down into bite-sized chunks: also called SRNE S60

While Using Regular Electricity (AC Mode):

  • Regular Input: It's most comfy with 220VAC or 230VAC, but is versatile from 90VAC to 280VAC.
  • Tuning In: Whether your grid is on 50Hz or 60Hz, it'll catch on quickly.
  • Safety Buffer: If there's a power surge or an issue, its built-in circuit breaker jumps in.
  • Efficiency: It's super-efficient, making the most of the power at over 95%.

SRNE 3.3kw Inverter Magic (Inverter Mode):

  • Clean Energy: It offers pure sine wave power - that's smooth, uninterrupted electricity.
  • Packing Power: A hearty 3300W is what it serves.
  • Battery Insight: Ideally pairs with 24VDC batteries, but is flexible from 20VDC to 33VDC.

Charging Up with SRNE 3.3kw:

  • Battery Types: Whether you've got Lead Acid or Lithium, it's got you covered.
  • Quick Charge: Powers up at a zippy 60A rate.
  • Safety Specs: In case of any hiccups, circuit breakers and fuses are at the ready.

Solar Charging Specs:

  • Sun Power: Can take in a sun-soaked 1400W.
  • Safety Nets: It'll stop things if the wiring's backward and halt any overcharging.

General Environment & Tech Bits:

  • Sturdy Build: Designed for indoors with IP20 protection.
  • Cool & Calm: Works best between -15°C to +55°C and has its own cooling fan to chill.
  • Staying Connected: It’s a chatterbox with USB, CAN, RS485, and even WIFI/GPRS communication options.

Where to Use the SRNE 3.3kw Inverter:

  1. At Home: Ensure uninterrupted power for daily essentials.
  2. Offices: Keep computers and vital tech running smoothly.
  3. Workshops: Power tools without any downtime.
  4. Outdoor Events: Light up evening events or charge gadgets on-the-go.

Safety First with SRNE 3.3kw:

  1. Location Matters: Keep it indoors, away from direct sunlight or water.
  2. Space it Out: Ensure there's space around it for good airflow.
  3. Pro-Installation: Only let trained professionals handle the installation.
  4. Keep Curious Hands Away: Not a toy; so, kids should be kept at bay.

Hope that simplifies things! Your SRNE 3.3kw inverter is a power-packed addition to any space.

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