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Sunsynk 10kW single Phase Hybrid Inverter

Sunsynk 10kW single Phase Hybrid Inverter

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Sunsynk 10-12kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter - Datasheet

Introducing the SunSynk 10kW single-Phase Hybrid Inverter: Your Power Management Solution

Key Features:

  • Efficient Power Control: The SunSynk 10kW 3-Phase Hybrid Inverter is a versatile and efficient power management tool for three-phase grid applications. It empowers you to manage power from multiple sources, including solar panels, the main electrical grid, and generators. This inverter effectively stores and delivers electric power to your applications, ensuring a reliable power supply.
  • Load Balancing: A unique feature of these three-phase inverters is their ability to balance the load across different phases. This means you can distribute your power load unevenly, such as 20% to one phase, 20% to another, and 60% to the third phase, and the inverter maintains perfect phase rotation. This exceptional feature sets it apart from other inverters in its class, making it highly versatile.
  • Interactive Display: The inverter comes with an interactive display, making it easy to monitor and control your power system. The user-friendly interface ensures you can easily access and manage your inverter's settings.
  • Connectivity Options: With both RS485 and Wi-Fi interfaces, you have the flexibility to choose how you'd like to connect and monitor your inverter, whether through a wired or wireless connection.
  • Warranty for Peace of Mind: To provide you with peace of mind, this inverter comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring its durability and reliability.
  • High Charging/Discharging Current: The SunSynk inverter boasts a maximum charging/discharging current of 250A, offering efficient power flow for your energy system..
  • Frequency Control: With frequency droop control, this inverter helps maintain stable power output, even when the load on the system fluctuates.
  • Scalability: You can connect up to 4 inverters in parallel, allowing you to expand your power capacity and meet the specific requirements of your application.

Safety Guidelines:

When installing and operating the SunSynk 10kW single-Phase Hybrid Inverter, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and adhere to local safety regulations to ensure safe and efficient operation.


The SunSynk 10kW single-Phase Hybrid Inverter is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Residential Power Solutions: Ideal for powering homes, providing a consistent and reliable electricity supply, and optimizing energy usage.
  2. Commercial Use: Versatile enough to meet the energy needs of various commercial applications, ensuring uninterrupted power for businesses.
  3. Industrial Settings: Reliable power management for industrial facilities, ensuring consistent operation and load balancing.

Enhance Your System:

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Elevate your power management with the SunSynk 10kW single-Phase Hybrid Inverter, designed for efficiency, flexibility, and reliability in three-phase grid applications.

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