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Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase

Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase

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Introducing the Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase

The Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase is designed to provide accurate and real-time measurement of energy consumption for residential and commercial setups. It's a vital component for anyone looking to monitor and optimize their energy use effectively.

Key Features

Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase:

  • Accurate Monitoring: Provides precise measurement of single-phase power up to 100A.
  • Real-Time Data: Delivers real-time energy consumption data, helping you stay informed about your energy use.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Victron GX devices for a comprehensive energy management system.
  • Compact Design: Small and easy to install, fitting into any standard electrical cabinet.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Basic Safety Rules for Installation and Operation

  • Professional Installation: Always have the meter installed by a qualified electrician to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.
  • Secure Mounting: Ensure the device is securely mounted to prevent any movement or disconnections.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodically check connections and the condition of the device to ensure optimal performance.
  • Avoid Water Exposure: Keep the meter dry and protected from any water exposure to prevent damage and ensure safety.

General Applications

The Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase is ideal for:

  • Home Energy Monitoring: Track and optimize energy consumption in your household.
  • Commercial Energy Management: Monitor energy use in offices, retail stores, and other commercial properties to improve efficiency.
  • Solar PV Systems: Measure the energy production and consumption in solar power systems to maximize performance.
  • Off-Grid Systems: Keep an accurate record of energy use in off-grid setups to ensure balanced energy management.

Product Specifications

  • Model: Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase
  • Measurement Range: Up to 100A
  • Connectivity: Compatible with Victron GX devices
  • Display: LED indicators for status and operation
  • Installation: DIN rail mountable
  • Dimensions: Compact and space-saving design

Why Victron is Unique

Victron Energy stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation in the renewable energy sector. The Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase exemplifies this with its precision, reliability, and seamless integration with other Victron products, providing a complete energy management solution.

Benefits to Buyers

  • Energy Efficiency: Helps you monitor and reduce energy consumption, leading to cost savings.
  • Easy Integration: Works perfectly with other Victron products for a unified energy management system.
  • Real-Time Data: Keeps you informed about your energy use, allowing for timely adjustments and optimizations.
  • Reliable Performance: Built with Victron's renowned quality, ensuring long-lasting and accurate performance.

Investing in the Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single Phase means gaining a powerful tool to help you understand and control your energy consumption, leading to better efficiency and lower energy costs.

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