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Enersol 7.2kW off grid inverter

Enersol 7.2kW off grid inverter

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Enersol 7.2kw off grid INVERTER  - Data sheet

Introducing the Enersol 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter – Your Reliable Power Solution

Key Features:

  • High Voltage for Optimal Performance: The Enersol 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter is part of our Off-Grid Series designed for reliable off-grid power solutions. It ensures a stable 230 VAC output with a minimal deviation of just +/- 5%, delivering consistent power to your home or remote site.

  • Efficient Charging: With a maximum charge current of 80A, this inverter efficiently charges your energy storage system, ensuring that your batteries are ready to power your home when you need it most.

  • Scalable Parallel Capability: You can expand your power capacity by connecting up to 9 units of these inverters in parallel. This parallel capacity feature not only provides redundancy and enhanced reliability but also simplifies system expansion and management.

  • Mobile Monitoring with Built-In Wi-Fi: The inverter features built-in Wi-Fi, enabling you to monitor your solar energy system remotely using your mobile device. This user-friendly function allows you to keep an eye on your system's performance, including solar panel output and battery charge, even while on the move.

  • Long Design Life: Enjoy peace of mind with the Enersol 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter's impressive 10-year design life. It's built to last, reducing the maintenance requirements for your solar energy system.

  • Seamless Compatibility: Our inverters provide seamless communication with most major lithium battery brands. This compatibility ensures smooth integration, advanced battery management, precise control, real-time monitoring, flexibility, and future-proofing for your energy setup.

  • Warranty for Assurance: We offer a 2-year warranty for the Off-Grid Inverter, providing you with assurance and support for your off-grid power solution.

Safety Guidelines:

When installing and operating the Enersol 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter, always adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines and local regulations to ensure safe and compliant usage.


The Enersol 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter serves a variety of purposes, making it ideal for:

  1. Off-Grid Living: Perfect for powering remote homes or locations without access to the electrical grid, ensuring uninterrupted power.

  2. Backup Power: Provides a reliable backup power source for essential appliances and equipment during grid outages.

  3. Remote Sites: Essential for remote locations, such as construction sites or research stations, where a stable power supply is crucial.

Enhance Your System:

Discover the array of solar accessories available on our website to complement your Enersol 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter. Additionally, explore our enticing combo deals, offering not only cost savings but also extended warranty benefits for added peace of mind.

Elevate your off-grid power solution with the Enersol 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter, designed for durability, scalability, and ease of remote monitoring.

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