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Enersol 5.12kW - 99%DOD Battery 100Ah

Enersol 5.12kW - 99%DOD Battery 100Ah

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Enersol 5.12kw - 99% DOD Battery - Data sheet

Enersol 5.12kw - 99% DOD Battery - Compatibility sheet

Enersol 5.12kW - 99% DOD Battery

Product Overview:

Enersol Off-Grid Inverters are specially designed for residential use, providing exceptional efficiency and scalability. These inverters are perfect for those seeking cost-effective solutions with the ability to expand effortlessly. With a sleek design that combines aesthetics and functionality, they cater to style-conscious customers. When paired with Enersol batteries, they become an ideal choice for backup or hybrid systems that include solar panels.

General Applications:

  • Backup Power: Offers a reliable backup power source for homes during grid outages.

  • Hybrid Solar Systems: Can be integrated with PV (solar) modules to create hybrid energy systems.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 140 x 295 x 468mm (Compact and space-saving)

  • Weight: 12kg (Lightweight for easy handling)

  • Communication Ports: USB/RS232/RS485/Bluetooth (Multiple communication options for ease of use)

  • Battery Voltage: 48~66VDC (Operating voltage range for compatibility)

  • Number of MPPT Trackers: 1 (Optimizes solar energy conversion)

  • Maximum PV Input: 5000W (Handles high solar input)

  • Maximum PV Isc (Short Circuit Current): 18A (Safe current handling)

  • MPPT Operating Range: 90~450VDC (Optimal solar panel performance)

  • Maximum Solar Charge Current: 100A (Efficient solar charging)

  • Parallel Capability: Up to 9 units (45kW) (Scalability for increased power capacity)

Safety Rules for Installation and Operation:

  1. Professional Installation: Always seek professional installation to ensure proper setup and safety compliance.

  2. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation in the installation area prevents overheating.

  3. Temperature Control: Operate within the specified temperature range for optimal performance and safety.

  4. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the system for damage or abnormal operation, and consult qualified technicians for maintenance.

The Enersol 5.12kW - 99% DOD Battery, when combined with Enersol Off-Grid Inverters, offers a versatile and efficient energy solution. It's a perfect choice for providing backup power in homes or for creating hybrid systems with solar panels, ensuring reliable and sustainable energy supply.

OliRoss Holdings Pty(Ltd) offers a wide range of solar brands, including:

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  2. Volta: Provides solar panels and energy solutions for efficient solar harnessing.

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  4. Hinaess: Specializes in sustainable and eco-friendly solar products, including panels and inverters.

  5. Astronergy: Renowned for durable and efficient solar panels.

  6. Enersol: Focuses on solar water heating solutions, providing hot water using solar energy.

  7. Shoto: Manufactures lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions for solar systems.

  8. Sunsynk: Provides integrated solar inverters and energy storage systems.

  9. Solax: A leading manufacturer of solar inverters and energy management systems.

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  12. Kool Energy: Specializes in solar air conditioning solutions powered by solar energy.

  13. Pylontech: A top manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems.

  14. Dyness: Produces high-quality lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions for renewable energy systems.

  15. Hubble: Known for solar mounting and racking solutions to support solar panel installations.

  16. CFE: Offers solar and renewable energy solutions, including panels and inverters for various applications.

  17. Lemoen: Specializes in eco-friendly solar lighting solutions for outdoor and garden use.

  18. RCT: Provides solar charge controllers and inverters designed for efficient solar power management.

  19. Oliter: Focuses on manufacturing solar batteries and charge controllers to enhance solar energy management.

  20. JA Solar: A reputable manufacturer of high-performance solar panels with efficiency and durability.

  21. Jinko: Offers a wide range of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules.

  22. DMEGC: Specializes in manufacturing solar inverters and photovoltaic components to enhance solar systems.

  23. Canadian Solar: A globally recognized brand known for high-quality solar panels and advanced solar technology.

These brands collectively offer a comprehensive selection of solar products, making OliRoss Holdings Pty(Ltd) a one-stop source for various solar solutions and components.

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